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Fran Inman Appointed to California Transportation Commission

By Howard Fine

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed Fran Inman, senior vice president at Majestic Realty Corp., to the California Transportation Commission.

Inman, 64, has focused on infrastructure and transportation issues at Majestic. She also headed the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce’s transportation committee before becoming the organization’s chairwoman in 2009.

Inman also serves on the state Public Infrastructure Advisory Commission and the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership. She is a founding member of FuturePorts, which seeks to improve the infrastructure at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

The California Transportation Commission meets monthly to dole out state and federal transportation dollars for projects and determine the state’s transportation priorities. Board members earn $100 for each meeting day and must be confirmed by the state Senate.

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By Lauren Michele

In a time where transportation policy efforts are pointing toward economic, environmental and equitable stewardship, Lauren Michele - Founder and Author of Policy in Motion - offers combined knowledge as a practicing transportation planning consultant and sustainable policy analyst who works on connecting federal and state legislative priorities with local and regional implementation.

Lauren Michele crafts and implements transportation projects and regulatory frameworks which work toward complete community sustainability and people-oriented development - facilitating access to affordable living near quality jobs, food, schools and health services. A graduate of the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies and researcher with the University's Urban Land Use and Transportation Center, Ms. Michele's background extends from in-classroom teaching of undergraduate courses in transportation policy to experiential learning while living and researching multi-modal transportation planning in Europe.

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