Conservation Strategy Group

Conservation Strategy Group, LLC is a Sacramento-based lobbying and consulting firm specializing in environmental and natural resources strategy and advocacy. The firm’s partners have drafted and organized successful campaigns for several major California Propositions, including Proposition 84 which funded the State’s Sustainable Communities Planning Grant Program. Policy in Motion assists CSG with high level stakeholder input, coalition building, and policy development.

Policy in Motion brings an exciting new perspective, technical expertise and sophisticated strategic guidance to solving transportation and land use problems sustainably — looking at the built environment from the perspective of ‘People Oriented Development’.

Joe Caves, Owner, Conservation Strategy Group

Fehr and Peers

Fehr & Peers specializes in providing transportation planning and traffic engineering services to public and private sector clients. They emphasize the development of creative, cost-effective, and results-oriented solutions to planning and design problems associated with all modes of transportation. Policy in Motion collaborates with Fehr & Peers on technical expertise, tool development, and practical policy enhancements.

Lauren has been a key member of our firm’s highly-valued efforts devoted to transportation solutions for sustainable global climate, energy and health. She has worked closely with a select group of senior company leaders in strategy development. She has also undertaken important activities, including facilitation among public, private and academic sector interests in this most critical area of transportation’s societal influence. Through those activities I have observed Lauren handle complex and challenging situations with energy, intelligence, empathy and professionalism.

Jerry Walters, Chief Technical Officer, Fehr & Peers

UC Davis

The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) partners with government, industry and non-governmental organizations to inform policy making and business decisions, and advance public discourse on key transportation, energy and environmental issues. Policy in Motion collaborates with ITS-Davis  to provide policy relevant research, strategic analysis, project guidance, and stakeholder facilitation.

When Lauren helped me teach a transportation policy course at UC Davis in 2007 and 2009, she showed an outstanding ability to translate transportation research and practices to a large undergraduate audience.

Dr. Daniel Sperling, Director, Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis


Urban design and master planning now call for the integration of many complex factors, including market demands, environmental opportunities, community input and technical efficiencies. Calthorpe’s comprehensive approach to each project seeks to integrate these factors into plans and designs that are appropriate to their place, financially sound, and socially progressive. As the developer of the new open-source scenario planning software UrbanFootprint, Policy in Motion is a strategic partner in advancing how this critical and cost-effective greenhouse gas reduction assessment tool can be used to analyze the fiscal, environmental, transportation, and public health impacts of plans and policies in California.

Lauren exhibits a rare combination of policy and planning know-how, communication prowess, and solid ethical values that together serve to build strong relationships and support successful and enduring project outcomes.

Joe DiStefano, Principal, Calthorpe Associates

Center for Clean Air Policy

Since 1985 the Center for Clean Air Policy has been a recognized world leader in climate and air quality policy and is the only independent, nonprofit think tank working exclusively on those issues at the local, U.S. national and international levels. Policy in Motion collaborates with CCAP on their unique work in multi-stakeholder dialogues; legislative education and outreach; qualitative and quantitative research; and the development and implementation of state and federal transportation policy solutions.

Lauren is a sharp analyst who has a good command of the big policy picture and a nuanced understanding of key technical and political issues. Her work for the Center for Clean Air Policy was extremely valuable in conducting our analysis of and providing recommendations on federal, state, MPO and local policy efforts for improving accessibility and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Steve Winkelman, Director of Transportation & Adaptation Programs, Center for Clean Air Policy

Cobblestone Placemaking

Cobblestone Placemaking is an urban planning firm specializing in the design, programming, and policy development of urban areas. The firm looks to the principles embedded within the spirit of successful places – Design, Comfort, Distinctiveness, Access – to create plans that ultimately result in a one-of-a-kind place… one that is successful, vibrant, and memorable. As a collaborator on urban planning and design projects, Cobblestone’s “planning on the human scale” philosophy is aligned with Policy in Motion’s efforts to promote People-Oriented Development through sustainable and healthy communities.

Policy in Motion is expanding key partnerships in California, Hawai’i and Washington D.C. and would love to discuss opportunities for collaboration!