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Located in the heart of California’s capital city, Policy in Motion is an Emerging Small Business and Underutilized Disadvantaged Business Enterprise focused exclusively on federal and state climate policy analysiseducation and implementation as it pertains to transportation and land use plans and projects which improve network management and decrease vehicle-miles-traveled while fostering sustainable community development.

Lauren Michele, Principal/Founder of Policy in Motion, completed her Master’s of Science degree in Transportation Technology and Policy from the University of California, Davis after working as a transportation planning professional in Sacramento at Fehr & Peers for several years, a climate change policy analyst in Washington D.C. at the Center for Clean Air Policy, and an air quality program assistant at the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District.  Ms. Michele’s background extends from in-classroom teaching of undergraduate courses in Transportation Policy to experiential learning while living and researching multi-modal transportation planning in Europe.

During her time at UC Davis, Lauren Michele built strategic relationships at the state and federal level which aided her work as a transportation and climate change policy analyst at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies’ Urban Land Use and Transportation Center (ULTRANS) – focusing on the links between California’s Senate Bill 375 and developing federal climate/energy legislation and the transportation reauthorization.

[quote author=”Lauren Michele, Principal/Owner”]My professional and educational experiences are detailed in my linked Curriculum Vitae and have contributed to my ability to critically assess situations, analyze policy and planning issues, work with various stakeholders, and contribute to effective solutions. I am driven by a passion for solving global transportation challenges by exploring the link between land use, environmental impacts, and community sustainability, and am excited to seek out partnership opportunities and build new relationships with others in the policy and planning arena of air quality, climate change, and transportation issues.[/quote]

Lauren Michele

Principal/Owner | Policy in Motion



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