National Voter Registration Week

It’s National Voter Registration Week! Did you know that early voting has already started? Policy in Motion has teamed up with some great partners to help get out the vote by reminding people to register to vote, request and return mail-in-ballots early, and head to the polls safely with masks!

Election Day is on November 3rd, and between a global pandemic and voter suppression efforts, we need to make sure that every last vote counts—which includes making sure the people in our lives are registered to vote and encouraging as many people as possible to request their vote by mail ballots.

Want to help us get out the vote? is a one-stop-shop for voter registration, education, and engagement. They have an AMAZING hub with the tools you need to:

  • Check your voter registration 
  • Make sure you know your state’s dates and deadlines
  • Request your vote-by-mail ballot EARLY
  • Volunteer to help turn out more voters or to be a poll worker on Election Day
  • And much, much more

This is the most important election of our lifetimes—things need to change, and voting is an important way to make that happen. So visit now to get registered and get involved.

“Adopt A State” is another great program that allows you to adopt one of the six key battleground states that will be most important to winning up and down the ballot on November 3. When you Adopt A State, Vote Save America will send you specific calls to action that you can do from home that will help turnout the voters we need.

What are you waiting for? GO VOTE!

By Lauren Michele

Lauren Michele – Founder/Owner of Policy in Motion – is a policy consultant/advisor and communications strategist, specializing in progressive and non-partisan politics. She helps candidates and clients build campaigns, coalitions, and communication strategies. Lauren has 15 years of experience working with federal, state, and local government agencies; non-profit organizations; foundations; universities; and political/issue campaigns, including a Presidential Campaign and a California State Bond. Ms. Michele has over a decade of experience working virtually both in team and individual environments, with Policy in Motion offices in California. Policy in Motion’s mission is to promote the environmental, economic, and social well being of communities —fostering a sustainable future for all people and the planet.