Since the passage of California’s landmark climate change and sustainable communities legislation AB 32 and SB 375, Policy in Motion has worked with governmental agencies and varied stakeholders from the local to federal level on crafting and implementing policy frameworks for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting community sustainability, and promoting People-Oriented Development (“POD”).  The firm’s research and strategic analyses have been utilized by the Federal Highway Administration; California Air Resources Board; California Department of Transportation; Nevada Department of Transportation; California Department of Public Health; University of California; California Transit Association; California Water Foundation; as well as both city and county agencies and local governments developing sustainability plans. Policy in Motion clients include US presidential candidate campaigns, government agencies, foundations, universities, private sector firms, and non-profit organizations.

Political Coalition Building

“Lauren is not only at the top of her field technically, she combines it with an energy and passion that is infectious. She is also one of those rare individuals that knows how to engage people around her ideas, which is essential in building effective coalitions. A real pleasure to work with.”

-Jim Earp, Former Executive Director, California Alliance for Jobs

Communicating Policy Research

“Lauren Michele’s book examines California’s transportation planning initiatives since AB 32, with a nuanced eye toward the State’s particular rules, laws, politics, and institutions. Lauren provides insights and lessons for policymakers and practitioners—in California and elsewhere—as they strive to create more sustainable communities and transportation systems. When Lauren helped me teach transportation policy courses at UC Davis, she showed an outstanding ability to translate transportation research and practices to a large undergraduate audience.”

-Dr. Daniel Sperling, Director, Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis

“Lauren’s inspiring documentary film – Growing Beautiful Communities – was made here in Sacramento, based on her book that was published. Lauren explores the important changes California cities are pursuing to grow greener. Bike lanes, in-fill housing design, more sensible transportation options, etc. are all part of our efforts to live a little lighter, and hopefully a little happier, in our changing cities in the 21st century. Lauren Michele, in my estimation, is both a very smart and progressive thinker and an utterly delightful person.”

-Mark Nechodom, Former Director, California Department of Conservation

“Thank you for all your work on debate logistics! Your organizational skills are unmatched.”

-Vrindavan Gabbard, Tulsi 2020 Presidential Campaign

Policy Analysis

“Lauren is a sharp analyst who has a good command of the big policy picture and a nuanced understanding of key technical and political issues. Her work for the Center for Clean Air Policy was extremely valuable in conducting our analysis of and providing recommendations on federal, state, MPO and local policy efforts for improving accessibility and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

-Steve Winkelman, Director of Transportation & Adaptation Programs, Center for Clean Air Policy

“Lauren is a policy guru. She’s the person I turn to when I need the latest info about federal or state transportation and climate change policy updates. I attended a very interesting presentation about her policy research on California’s Senate Bill 375 —an extremely complex topic — where she synthesized useful information to all of the practitioners in the room.”

-Eric Fredericks, Founder, Walkable Neighborhoods

“Lauren never ceases to amaze me. I have been impressed with her ability to navigate complex policy issues, to communicate in clear and precise language, and to maintain an uplifting yet professional demeanor. It has been a pleasure working with Lauren and the experience continues to grow as she grows.”

-Sparky Harris, Senior Planner, Department of Transportation, City of Sacramento

Strategy Development

“Lauren was a key member of our firm’s highly-valued efforts devoted to transportation solutions for sustainable global climate, energy and health. She has worked closely with a select group of senior company leaders in strategy development. She has also undertaken important activities, including facilitation among public, private and academic sector interests in this most critical area of transportation’s societal influence. Through those activities I have observed Lauren handle complex and challenging situations with energy, intelligence, empathy and professionalism.”

-Jerry Walters, Chief Technical Officer, Fehr & Peers

“Lauren exhibits a rare combination of policy and planning know-how, communication prowess, and solid ethical values that together serve to build strong relationships and support successful and enduring project outcomes.”

-Joe DiStefano, Principal, Calthorpe Associates

“Lauren has an exceptional ability to connect with others as part of teams and networks, and willingly takes on a leadership role in those efforts.”

-Larry Greene, Former Air Pollution Control Officer/Executive Director, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

Policy in Motion Mentorship Program

“You are doing a good service to the field by helping interns get established. We need energetic blood!”

-Obama Administration, Office of the Secretary, United States Department of Transportation

“Lauren was instrumental in getting my career started.”

-Mindy Bacharach, Transportation Planner, Caltrans

“My time at Policy in Motion definitely has underpinned many of the ideas I’ve been sharing with my colleagues during my graduate research work in Brazil and Scandinavia.”

-Amanda Bradshaw, PhD Candidate, Columbia University

Climate Change, Sustainable Communities, and Transportation

“As a consultant on the California Interregional Blueprint for Caltrans, Lauren demonstrated her organizational skills and her ability to translate a complex, newly emerging concept into a workable product. She was also very responsive, and brought a great deal of enthusiasm, passion and fresh ideas to the subject of sustainable transportation planning.”

-Pam Korte, Senior Transportation Planner/Project Manager, Caltrans

“Lauren’s work for us brings into sharp resolve the importance of public transportation’s role in supporting a stronger, healthier California economy and environment. We really appreciate our relationship with Policy in Motion.”

-Joshua Shaw, Executive Director, California Transit Association

“Policy in Motion brings an exciting new perspective, technical expertise and sophisticated strategic guidance to solving transportation and land use problems sustainably — looking at the built environment from the perspective of ‘People Oriented Development’.”

-Joe Caves, Owner, Conservation Strategy Group

“Lauren Michele’s book is an ambitious work, and already from skimming a few sections, I sense that she is and will be making significant contributions toward shaping policy in California toward a more sustainable and livable future.”

-George Dondero, Executive Director for the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission

“Lauren has a great understanding of land use and transportation planning and the strategies and policies that local and regional governments can pursue to improve mobility while improving their local economy and the environment. In a time when we are facing a multitude of challenges relating to energy security, climate change, and congestion, Lauren brings fresh thinking and an eye toward solutions.”

-Anthony Eggert

Grant Development
“Lauren guided our planning, development and submission of a City of Davis, UC Davis, and County of Yolo Sustainable Communities Planning Grant under Proposition 84. Over and over, she demonstrated her unique ability to bring diverse groups together around integrated transportation and land use approaches. We’ll be calling on her again soon.”

-Joe Krovoza, Former Mayor, City of Davis

“RCH hired Lauren to assist us in writing a grant proposal for the Strategic Growth Council’s Sustainable Communities program. Lauren was one of two businesses we had sought to help us add some expertise on climate change and energy policies in California to our application. Immediately we were impressed by her responsiveness and thoughtful comments on our approach. Subsequently, she was instrumental in helping us shape our proposal to meet the Council’s requirements and we will solicit her help again in the future when the need arises.”

-Chris Cox, LEED AP Project Manager, RCH Group

Public Outreach

“Lauren is committed to contributing to the education, understanding and advancement of transportation issues to the community and within the industry. She has developed the rare capability to meaningfully contribute to the future of transportation – from socioeconomic transportation planning research to grassroots fundamental industry awareness with our nation’s youth.”

-Judy Matsui Drury, Women’s Transportation Seminar (Past President, Sacramento Chapter)

“Lauren has an eagle eye and night owl vision in her view of transportation policy. She presents a comprehensive policy overview, showing how all the pieces fit together clearly. May more policy thinkers see and speak with such clarity, so they can help convince the everyday citizen to change behavior. Thank you for moving this effort forward.”

-Tina Suarez-Murias, AICP