Planning & Implementation

Launch of Our Community CarShare Sacramento

Our Community CarShare Sacramento

Policy in Motion was a key partner in the program development, branding/website, education/outreach, and implementation/launch of Our Community CarShare Sacramento, a new electric carsharing pilot program serving disadvantaged communities. Funded by a Cap-and-Trade grant from the California Air Resources Board, this program provides hundreds of residents in four Sacramento affordable housing complexes with free access to eight electric Kia Souls operated by Zipcar and Community CarShare. Policy in Motion crafted the structure of the program via a six-part process from initial registration to final membership; conducted multi-lingual public workshops for residents and trainings for housing staff; and developed all demographic and trip surveys, the logo/branding and website, social media outlets, and outreach and educational materials. Additionally, Policy in Motion wrote quarterly reports and a “Lessons Learned” report after the first year of program implementation – including project milestones and challenges, trip data collection on VMT, survey results, and GHG emissions displacement.

Cap-and-Trade Resource Center

Policy in Motion prepared an overview on how California’s Cap-and-Trade program works, and a summary of 13 cap and trade funding programs for the Institute for Local Government.  The content was developed for ILG’s website and presented as a brochure and Infographic. The website, brochure, and Infographic can be viewed or downloaded at the Cap and Trade Resource Center.

California Interregional Blueprint

Caltrans prepared a state-level transportation blueprint to articulate the State’s vision for an integrated, multi-modal interregional transportation system that complements regional transportation plans and land use visions. Policy in Motion engaged stakeholders and facilitated discussions between various agencies, and helped summarize regional transportation plans and programs.

Caltrans Climate Change Activities Report

The Climate Change Activites Report provides a comprehensive overview of Caltrans’ activities to address climate change; it also identifies opportunities for additional activities that Caltrans may wish to consider in the future in order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Policy in Motion identified planning activities and funding/technical assistance programs to reduce GHG emissions. Project work included district and division interviews.

Safe Routes to School: Transportation Planning and Funding Guide

A toolkit to support local policy makers in understanding local, regional, state and federal plans, policies, programs and other resources that could support or complement SRTS projects in California communities. Policy in Motion analyzed funding programs and resources, identified pilot projects for safe walking and bicycling policies or programs, and developed an online web portal for a Policy Maker’s Toolkit.

Interstate 80 Corridor Study – Multi-State Livability Framework

A study to explore issues and challenges that face I-80 corridor communities across California, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming, address concerns relating to transportation/mobility needs, and evaluate future land use demands while protecting and utilizing existing resources. Policy in Motion provided education and resource services in livability/sustainable community policy and planning for the consultant team and Nevada Department of Transportation staff. The firm led a strategic workshop that was conducted with staff on livability and sustainability.

Solano County Transportation for Sustainable Communities Plan

A plan to strengthen the relationship between transportation and land use through the promotion of smart growth development and sustainable transportation projects in Solano County. Policy in Motion led the effort to update the Plan, including conducting analysis of background research, formulating goals and objectives, and establishing performance measurement criteria.

City of Anderson Pedestrian Master Plan

This plan cataloged existing pedestrian facilities and identified several priority projects in the downtown core for implementation as funding becomes available. Policy in Motion researched grant/funding opportunities at the regional, state, and federal level and developed funding strategies and recommendations.

Legislative Compliance

Developing documents/policies/practices as required or recommended under AB 32, SB 375, SB 391 and related laws

“As a consultant on the California Interregional Blueprint for Caltrans, Lauren demonstrated her organizational skills and her ability to translate a complex, newly emerging concept into a workable product. She was also very responsive, and brought a great deal of enthusiasm, passion and fresh ideas to the subject of sustainable transportation planning.”

-Pam Korte, Senior Transportation Planner/Project Manager, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Transportation Planning

Maximizing the effectiveness of local plans, policies, codes, and guidelines in achieving greenhouse gas reduction and other community goals

“Lauren never ceases to amaze me. I have been impressed with her ability to navigate complex policy issues, to communicate in clear and precise language, and to maintain an uplifting yet professional demeanor. It has been a pleasure working with Lauren and the experience continues to grow as she grows.”

-Sparky Harris, Senior Planner, Department of Transportation, City of Sacramento

Research in Motion

Synthesizing, producing planning documents, and communicating findings based on the latest empirical data on greenhouse gas emissions reduction from transportation system efficiency and integrated transportation and land use options.

“Lauren is a policy guru. She’s the person I turn to when I need the latest info about federal or state transportation and climate change policy updates. She recently gave a very interesting presentation about her policy research on California’s Senate Bill 375 —an extremely complex topic — where she synthesized useful information to all of the practitioners in the room.”

-Eric Fredericks, Founder, Walkable Neighborhoods

Grant Writing

Helping to secure regional, state and federal funding for sustainable community development

“RCH hired Lauren to assist us in writing a grant proposal for the Strategic Growth Council’s Sustainable Communities program. Lauren was one of two businesses we had sought to help us add some expertise on climate change and energy policies in California to our application. Immediately we were impressed by her responsiveness and thoughtful comments on our approach. Subsequently, she was instrumental in helping us shape our proposal to meet the Council’s requirements and we will solicit her help again in the future when the need arises.”

-Chris Cox, LEED AP Project Manager, RCH Group