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I have designed the Policy in Motion website as a continued resource for federal and state policy news and analysis in a user-friendly interface.  The site provides a compilation of resources, links, analyses, and personal opinions in an easily-digestible format so that planners and policy-makers can make research-supported decisions to guide local, regional, state and federal transportation and climate change policy.

  • Trans&Climate Policy: “static” pages providing concise analyses on state and federal climate change and transportation planning laws and developing legislation
  • Blog: Policy News: “active” page with daily posts on policy news –  including topics on federal grant programs and California’s SB 375
  • Hot Topics: choose from a drop-down list of categories to search all Policy News postings on the website. Categories include: California policy, federal policy, transportation funding, GHG reduction strategies, local government, metropolitan planning, transit
  • Follow Policy in Motion!: stay up to date on the latest policy news via RSS feeds, e-mail, twitter or facebook – whichever you prefer!

For more information or to be added to the Policy in Motion Quarterly Digest,” contact Lauren Michele at lauren.michele@policyinmotion.com

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